Tin Type

Tin Type

Elliott BROOD

  • Tin Type Remastered Anniversary White Vinyl $21.99
  • 'Tin Type' Digital (MP3) - Includes 3 Bonus Tracks! $6.99


Elliott BROOD are set to mark the band's ten year anniversary with a tour of Western Canada and vinyl re-issue of their debut recording Tin Type on Paper Bag Records.  Tin Type will be remastered on vinyl featuring three bonus tracks. The original EP quickly became a critical success due to popularity of the songs "Oh Alberta" and "Cadillac Dust".



1. Bowling Green

2. Oh, Alberta

3. Edge of Town

4. Only at Home

5. Cadillac Dust 

6. Riding in Time (Bonus Track)

7. Rusty Nail (Bonus Track) 

8. Cranes (Bonus Track)