Frog Eyes

Paul's Tomb: A Triumph

 "This is a slow-brewed masterpiece that is unmistakably Frog Eyes, an album that was very much worth the wait. On this point we feel unassailable: Frog Eyes keeps getting better and better. Frog Eyes are equally informed by Scott Walker and Roxy Music, Nuggets collections and the Everly Brothers. But in truth, Frog Eyes’ recordings sound like nothing else but Frog Eyes. In the past the band has lived in a no-man’s-land reserved for musical anomalies, making music championed by discerning critics and discerning artists (fans of Mercer’s songwriting have included, at one time or another, John Darnielle, Spencer Krug, Dan Bejar, Jonathan Meiburg, and Carl Newman, to name a few). All of the basic tracks on Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph, including many of the vocals, were recorded live off the floor, and this approach has captured a rawness, a punk rock spirit too often smothered by Pro Tools."

Released 2010-04-27 on Dead Oceans.