'A Long & Distant Wave'

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Devarrow's brand new album A Long & Distant Wave is a captivating exploration of memory and time, and marks the beginning of a string of upcoming releases. The new album marks a departure from Devarrow’s signature four-on-the-floor folk-pop aesthetic, embracing experimentation with the lo-fi, tape hiss, home studio spirit. Despite the DIY approach, the album maintains a pop sensibility with catchy hooks and strong melodies that linger in the mind long after listening. A Long & Distant Wave not only tells its own story but challenges conventional narratives around art creation. Devarrow's message is clear: he aims to dismantle the notion that art must emerge from a tortured and introspective place dictated by emotions. Instead, he advocates for making art quickly and for the sheer joy of it, without compromising artistic integrity. This perspective is Devarrow's stance on art creation, challenging the notion he feels he adhered to for too long.

1. Kickin'
2. Something About Getting Old
3. Begin Again
4. A Shadow Apart
5. Memories
6. Race Car Driver
7. In Time
8. A Long & Distant Wave
9. Else
10. Hard Times Coming

Catalogue No. PBRD1415
Release Date: April 16, 2024