Slim Twig

Derelict Dialect

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A Note From Slim Twig on Derelict Dialect:

“Over the last couple years, I’ve written songs using a technique I like to call songsculpting. I’ve been trying to sculpt pop songs using different textures of sound, with an emphasis on abstract images sometimes inspired by film. My first experiments with these ideas culminated in a distinctly art-pop sound, which I’ve collected in my soon-to-be released Derelict Dialect EP. After the DD sessions, I started experimenting with a grittier sound that ended up becoming the Whiite Fantaseee EP that I self-released last year. I’m releasing Derelict Dialect now to give a new perspective on the music I’ve made since and plan to release soon!”

Track Listing
  1. His Eyes Hum Hymns
  2. The Replica And Martyr
  3. Dragged Down The Dirtpike
  4. Birthing & Birthing
  5. An Austere Gentleman
  6. The Maudlin Jack
  7. Trembletongue
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