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Woodhands is back with a stimulating plethora of darker, energetic dance tracks. Remorsecapade dives deeper into the emotional territory of Heart Attack, painting strangely compelling portraits of lost souls inhabiting the late night abyss of dance clubs (‘I Should Have Gone With My Friends’), sweaty hand-holding (‘Pockets’), and – of course – heartbreak, here described as ‘doubling’. The songs of Remorsecapade run from the deceptive bubble gum pop arrangement of ‘Dissembler’ to the explosive punk rock/electro hybrid of ‘Coolchazine’, and throughout Woodhands offers listeners a rich journey throughout the scorched landscape of what their sweaty brand of electronic has now become: Risky, emotionally resonant, and dangerously addictive.

Now, Remorsecapade is available as a special digital deluxe package including 6 remixes - the appropriately titled Remixcapade.

  1. Pockets
  2. Talk
  3. CP24
  4. SLUTS!
  5. Coolchazine
  6. I Should Have Gone With My Friends
  7. Dissembler
  8. When The Party Is Over
  9. I Want To Be Together
  10. How To Survive A Remorsecapade (Outro)
  11. Pockets (Diamond Rings Remix)
  12. Dissembler (Mathemagic Remix)
  13. Dissembler (French Husband Remix)
  14. CP24 (Teen Remix)
  15. Pockets (Jeremy Glenn's Stay Real Dub)
  16. Dissembler (Dan's Piano Version)