La Saveur Des Fruits EP

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The Montreal-based musical formation Monogrenade, with Jean-Michel Pigeon (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Frederic B. Girard (vocals), Mathieu Collette (drums, glockenspield, electro) and François Lessard (bass), offers a rich variety of textures and soundscapes. Their exciting melodies, haunting rhythms and aerial pop create a unique and eclectic assortment. Working on a first disc since the fall of 2008, the members of Monogrenade have known each other for many years. For the first time, they all gathered around a single project which adds the musical experiences and expertise of each, creating a unique sound with many faces. With La saveur des fruits, the group’s first EP, the four musicians have made a record that is sometimes introspective and melancholic, sometimes energetic and crazy. To discover all the intricacies of the fruity universe of Monogrenade, nothing is better than an always renewed listening!

Track Listing:

  1. Axis Mundi
  2. 040908 814am
  3. Le pantin
  4. Les collines d’Ambord
  5. Chambre aux miroirs
  6. Ce soir
  7. Ce n’est rien
  8. De toute facon
Catalogue No:
Release Date:
June 30, 2009