The Rural Alberta Advantage

Departing (Tiny Quantity Special Edition)

"The percussive, stripped down Indie-folk trio plays acoustic everything, but there's nothing quiet about them...Every one of those songs just goes for it, in a racing-toward-the-sun kind of way." – Pitchfork

In collaboration with Tiny Record Shop, We have pressed our Paper Bag Vintage reissue of The Rural Alberta Advantage's 2011 sophomore album Departing on limited-edition, "black ice" vinyl. The first of our Tiny Quantity Special Edition pressings, there are only 100 copies in existence!

Over four acclaimed albums, The Rural Alberta Advantage has explored themes ranging from hometowns lost and found to tragic Alberta disasters with an earnest style of songwriting that has continued to leave its mark and grab fans around the world. Years of touring have filled rooms with a sound far beyond what any music fan would initially expect from a trio, until they witness Paul's incomparable drumming style live and the number of parts Amy can play at any one time alongside Nils' cathartic vocals. Departing was two-time Juno nominated and Polaris Prize long-listed, and a natural bookend to their critically acclaimed debut, Hometowns. Continuing the exploration of themes of love, loss and leaving, Departing contains ten songs about growing up and moving on. 


1. Two Lovers
2. The Breakup
3. Under The Knife
4. Muscle Relaxants
5. North Star
6. Stamp
7. Tornado '87
8. Barnes' Yard
9. Coldest Days
10. Good Night

Catalogue No: PBV017
Original Release Date: March 1, 2011