Let's Get Ready To Crumble [Limited, Numbered, Navy Vinyl]

Paper Bag Vintage is thrilled to announce the reissue of The Russian Futurist's acclaimed album, Let's Get Ready To Crumble, on limited edition navy vinyl, numbered out of 300

The Russian Futurists (aka one-man indie pop orchestra Matthew Adam Hart) make lo-fi bedroom recording into an art form. Hart, who hails from eastern Ontario, Canada, drew rave reviews, as well as comparisons to Magnetic Fields and the Flaming Lips, for his 2001 debut album, The Method of Modern Love, and won fans such as R.E.M.'s Peter Buck and Blur guitarist Graham Coxon in the process. Hart's ability to make the cheapest production quality sound lush and expansive was put to the test on 2003's Let's Get Ready to Crumble, which he recorded for less than $100. Though the Russian Futurists remained a one-man affair in the studio/bedroom, Hart fleshed out the project into a full touring band in 2004, playing dates in the U.S., Spain, and Canada, including the Primavera Sound and Pop Montreal festivals. Hart finished the third Russian Futurists album, Our Thickness, late that year. It was released in spring 2005 by Upper Class Records. Despite a steady growth in popularity, these albums were not released outside of North America, so the decision was taken to pick the most successful tracks from all three and compile them into one collection, Me, Myself and Rye, released in August 2006 by the U.K. label Memphis Industries. After a long hiatus, Hart returned with the album The Weight's on the Wheels in November of 2010.


Track Listing:

  1. Let's Get Ready To Crumble
  2. When The Sun Drops Like An Anvil
  3. Precious Metals
  4. The Matador's Theme
  5. A Telegram From The Future 
  6. It's Actually Going To Happen
  7. You Dot, Me Dot, T-Dot
  8. It's Not Really Cold When It Snows
  9. The Plight Of The Flightless Bird
  10. Your Life On Magnetic Tape