The Dears Reissue Box Set

Paper Bag Vintage is thrilled to be releasing an exclusive remastered box set of The Dears’ first 3 albums, plus a box set exclusive bonus disc, on September 15th!

The critically-acclaimed titles - ‘End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story’ (2000), ‘No Cities Left’ (2003), ‘Gang Of Losers’ (2006) – are accompanied by a 4th bonus disc, aptly titled ‘Extra Tracks’,which includes B-sides, demos, outtakes, and other rarities from The Dears vaults. This collectible box set is limited to 200 copies, and includes an exclusive signed and numbered print within each box.

Dears’ front-person Murray Lightburn reflects on the band’s foundational records and the reissue box set:

"If you told me 20 years ago that I would ever be holding a vinyl copy of End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story I never would have believed you. By far our scrappiest effort, this album was put together --  in the words of Mr. Spock -- with the equivalent of 'stone knives and bearskins.' The collection of songs never felt like a fully realized album even after we mastered it... until now."

Reflecting on the 2003 album, Lightburn remarks: "When I listen to No Cities Left now I am completely separated from that time. Our ambition has not diminished today, I look back on what we learned from making that record; mostly how much stuff you can fit into two speakers."

On Gang Of Losers, Lightburn says "the goal was efficiency and economy. To say as much as we could with as little as possible is a notion that harkens to the genesis of The Dears. We wanted to make something raw, that sounded like a band's first album. That production choice has loomed over us, never completely coming together until we heard the test pressing for this re-issue." 

"Though we've lost master tapes over the years, it would appear that we have kept almost every scrap of recorded demos and ideas, cassettes, CD-rom, DATs and tape reels. We re-discovered some wild stuff from the earlier days, which has been included on a separate platter for this bundle. And there's still lots more.”

Paper Bag Vintage is committed to curating a vinyl-only collection of Canada’s most notable albums. We are humbled to be releasing the imprint’s first box set with one of our country’s greatest musical exports.

Extra Tracks Track Listing: 

Side A
1. Le Pauvre Chanteur From The South Shore (1998)
2. C’est Le Feeling (2001)
3. Lost In The Plot (Original Demo 2001)
4. Will You See The Light? (Instrumental 4-track demo 2002)
Side B
1. Lion’s Share/Howlin’ (Instrumental Original Demo 2004)
2. Lake Of Fire (Demo 2005)
3. There Goes My Outfit (4-Track Demo 2004)
4. Whites Only Party (4-Track Demo 2004)