'Zoon Home Sessions'

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Zoon's 2020 debut album, Bleached Wavves, was the rare shoegaze album that appealed to the heart as it scrambled the brain, casting heavy tales of addiction, recovery, and Indigenous struggle in a splendorous fusion of guitar-daubed futurism and Ojibwe rhythmic traditions. 

In 2022, Daniel Monkman re-recorded two tracks from Bleached Wavves, along with a cover of My Morning Jacket's "Sooner" with Michael Peter Olsen in an intimate home session. 

"Michael rented mics and set them up in every room to capture my performance. He also set up mics near the window to record the birds outside, to give the session more of an atmospheric texture. Stripping everything back really showed the unique song structures and tucked-away melodies. Having the chance to reimagine the songs in this way has been really special." 
-Daniel Monkman

Originally exclusive to Apple Music, these home session tracks are now available on all streaming platforms.


1. Vibrant Colours (Zoon Home Sessions)
2. Light Prism (Zoon Home Sessions)
3. Sooner (Zoon Home Sessions)

Catalogue # : PBRD1397
Original Release Date: June 17, 2022