Mappe Of

A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone

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Paper Bag Records is thrilled to announce A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone, the debut album from Mappe Of. A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone was released on limited edition white vinyl on July 28, 2017! Each vinyl also includes a limited edition 7" of Mappe Of's covers of 'Pleasure' (Feist) and 'Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes' (Wintersleep).

A young Canadian piecing his life together on the other side of the world. A German vagabond clutching a glowing orb in a hippie town in Australia, having disavowed all family ties. An old man dying slowly of Alzheimer’s who can’t recognize his own family. A troubled boy burning his family's home to the ground.

All these characters populate the debut album by Mappe Of, an ethereal avant-folk tour de force that belongs to no time or place. Or perhaps not even of this Earth, judging by the range of haunting vocal textures or some of the interstellar synths that intertwine with trumpets, violins, kalimba, autoharp, and Mappe Of’s own intricate guitar playing. There is no traditional drum kit. No finite template of instrumentation. Maybe the less you know about the man behind the curtain, the more you’ll lose yourself in the music. “I’d like the music to be grounded in reality while simultaneously feel like it’s from somewhere else,” says the sonic architect behind what will be known to the world as Mappe Of.

A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone is a sonic world unto itself, an aural landscape steeped in experience and imagination. “I love records so much,” he says. “The record has always been paramount to me. I want to create a setting in which you can lose yourself. The ideal record for me is one where you can lie back on your bed, listen to the thing front to back and be taken somewhere.” Mission accomplished.



1. Cavern's Dark
2. Nimbin
3. Kaepora
4. I. Scathefire
5. Carbon Scores And Smoke
6. Unfound
7. II. Leaftail
8. Ruin
9. Peaceful Ghosts
10. III. Cerulean

Catalogue No: PAPER108
Release Date: July 28, 2017