'A Sterling Murmuration' EP

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Zoon or Zoongide’ewin, is the powerful musical expression of Daniel Monkman. After the huge success of 2020's Bleached WavvesZoon has released their second digital EP of the year, A Sterling Murmuration

“'A Sterling Murmuration' as a body of work is material from ten plus years ago. I recorded these songs with my high school friends in Winnipeg but broke the record into a few different movements. 'Big Pharma' was the first movement and this is the second. 
A Sterling Murmuration comes from the movement that a flock of birds do for safety from predators. They use this technique for other reasons such as warmth at night, also to exchange information about feeding areas. 
I feel very connected to this concept, I see it in humans and how we need a strong community to protect each other. Isolation played a role in this body of work and is supposed to display the danger in isolating. While in this state we set ourselves up to be in harms way by outside forces but breaking out and embracing humility and community you can finally transcend into a healthy trajectory.” 
-Daniel Monkman

1. Play Ground
2. In The Woods
3. Move
4. Giizhig

Catalogue No. PBRD1381
Release Date: September 21, 2022