Jessie Stein & Pietro Amato

After Language [Limited Edition Black Vinyl]

Paper Bag Records is excited to announce the release of After Language, the first instrumental offering from long-time collaborators and members of The Luyas, Jessie Stein and Pietro Amato, on April 13, 2018! After Language is also the first release from the Paper Bag Hundreds Series, which will feature super limited, physical only releases. There are only 25 hand-numbered copies available online - don't miss out, pre-order now!

After Language was made essentially by accident after a studio-mate was loaned a piano for the Luyas’ rehearsal space.  “We weren’t even trying to make a record”, says Amato of the sessions, “we just got excited about having a piano in our space and started recording.  It’s basically our subconscious coming out in audio form.  We really didn’t actually set out to make anything specific.”

The improvisations sit in the general tradition of ambient music but retain important aspects of melodic structure. The piano and organs move from serene patience to frenetic blistering moments.  After Language is a flow of two 20 minute-long tracks, drenched with weltschmerz recorded live off the floor in Montréal, with minimal edits. The album was mixed by Sandro Perri.

Track Listing:

1. I

2. II