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Are We Not Horses?

Almost three years ago, Chris Eaton and Rock Plaza Central found themselves on the receiving end of a goodhearted fairytale. “When we finished the last record [2006’s Are We Not Horses, self-released/Outside/Yep Roc],” explains Eaton, “we only mailed it out to a couple of dozen people. We were just a bunch of friends that got together and played at the same bar. It was for fun. It was a reason to get together and drink, and music just happened. And it was gratifying and exciting to wake up one morning and my inbox has three hundred emails in it. Many of them are just ordering the CD or saying that they really like what we’re doing, and that’s probably the best part, hearing from those people. But then we’re also being put on the cover of CMJ and being invited to play a big outdoor concert in New York City and being called “stars-in-waiting” by David Fricke in Rolling Stone… it changes the whole game.”

“With Horses, a lot of people told us that it had helped them through hard times: everything from a breakup to a tour of duty in Iraq. And that’s really special to me, that our album can have that kind of effect on people.”

Track Listing:

  1. I Am An Excellent Steel Horse
  2. How Shall I To Heaven Aspire?
  3. My Children, Be Joyful
  4. Anthem For The Already Defeated
  5. Fifteen Hands
  6. Are We Not Horses?
  7. When We Go, How We Go (Part I)
  8. Our Pasts, Like Lighthouses
  9. 08/14/03
  10. Our Hearts Will Not Rust
  11. When We Go, How We Go (Part II)
  12. We’ve Got A Lot To Be Glad For
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