'Bleached Wavves' (Tiny Quantity Special Edition)


Paper Bag Records
and the Tiny Record Shop have released a "Tiny Quantity" special edition vinyl of Zoon's highly acclaimed 2020 album Bleached Wavves. Exclusive to our online shop and the record shop in Toronto's east end, we've pressed only 100 copies of a White & Blue Marble vinyl. As all previous editions have sold out, grab yours now before it's too late!

Zoongide’ewin, means being brave, having courage and having a strong heart. Zoon's genre-defying debut album, Bleached Wavves stole our hearts, and then strengthened them with a masterful storytelling of struggle and loss through his gorgeous and gauzy shoegaze songs of survival. Shortlisted by the Polaris Music Prize and globally celebrated.

"Like much of Bleached Wavves, it's intricate and subtle, familiar yet inventive, and rich with layer of life and sound. Zoon's debut album is nothing short of remarkable" -Exclaim


1. Clouded Formation
2. Vibrant Colours
3. Was & Always Will Be
4. Bleached Wavves
5. BrokenHead
6. A Perfect Sunset, Ahead
7. Light Prism
8. Infinite Horizons (feat. Jesse Davidson)
9. Landscapes
10. Help Me Understand

Catalogue No: PAPER128
Original Release Date: June 19, 2020