Alana Yorke


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 Alana Yorke has returned with the long awaited new album Destroyer! We've pressed 150 copies of a limited edition white coloured vinyl for Yorke's sophomore album with Paper Bag Records. Order yours now!

Alana Yorke's Destroyer is an art-pop stunner that represents both a creative triumph and a personal transformation. From its genesis, the album was anchored in the idea of a solitary descent to face the self and come back wholly changed. The universe of Destroyer was created in collaboration with husband and co-producer Ian Bent. Destroyer is an otherworld where snapshots of Yorke’s psychic landscape are fanned out against a layered musical backdrop coloured by a 21-piece string orchestra, the ultraviolet cool of ’80’s synth-pop, the austere grace and rhythmic cadences of minimalist contemporary composers and the whole-hearted reverberation of anthems that call forth echoes from the unconscious, somewhere between the tidal forces of Kate Bush and Philip Glass. Toward the end of the gargantuan multi-year effort of making the album, Yorke's survival of a hemorrhagic stroke led to unparalleled experiences of existence, and an extraordinary journey of recovery. Now as she rises above the surface, Destroyer has become an offering from the depths, intended to transform emotions from her singular experience into a gift of universal resonance.


1. Tidal Wave
2. All The Flowers
3. Into The Night
4. Marion
5. Preludium
6. Léa
7. IRL
8. Sound
9. Let Me Go
10. Too Hard

Catalogue No: PAPER153
Release Date: May 17, 2024