Sarah Neufeld


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Sarah Neufeld's third solo album, Detritus, is finally here. We have pressed just 100 copies on hand-numbered, vibrant, magenta vinyl. We have also just added a few of copies of our multicolour vinyl pressing, available while supplies last.

Detritus offers a patient, gorgeous evolution of Neufeld's sound: a soft and open-hearted musical landscape, with a sound that is abiding and reflective. Neufeld brings her customary kineticism to these pastorals, yet the movements are different than they have ever been: inward-turning and outward-facing, deliberate and generous, acknowledging the world with a love that will not flinch.

Detritus was born out of collaboration: in 2015, Neufeld was invited to appear on stage with the legendary dancer/choreographer Peggy Baker. Baker had prepared a solo piece based on work from Neufeld's second album, The Ridge, to which Neufeld added an original lyrical prelude. The live result was an incendiary duet, almost a sort of faceoff, which left each artist unsatiated. They agreed to reunite for an extended collaboration - a full-length show with Baker's company, where Neufeld would write and perform music alongside Baker's choreography. With the help of Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara, this collaboration would become the blueprint for Neufeld’s most immersive work to date. 


1. Stories
2. Unreflected
3. With Love And Blindness
4. The Top
5. Tumble Down The Undecided
6. Shed Your Dear Heart
7. Detritus

Catalogue No: PAPER136
 Release date: May 14th, 2021