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In addition to compact discs and vinyl LPs, Jonathan Kawchuk has released his 2022 album Everywhen on Blu-ray format. We are offering a limited amount of this special Blu-ray edition, only available on our shop!

Everywhen was always intended to be a Blu-ray” says Kawchuk. “Blu-ray can, theoretically, last on the shelf for 1000 years, so this will likely be the longest surviving version of Everywhen, and maybe, the longest lasting record you’ll ever buy.”

It is still the only technology that can offer music in Dolby Atmos at full resolution. This Blu-ray version of the album is the best way to experience the 3D sounds of Everywhen at home.


The highly anticipated sophomore album from Jonathan Kawchuk is here! Everywhen is the product of collaborating with the atmosphere and sounds of the rocky mountains in Kananaskis, Alberta. It is a harsh, anxious, tactile, heavenly, collage-based work of found sound and vocals, of breath and wind and space. We have pressed 100 copies of a limited edition tan vinyl, and we're offering an LP bundle which includes Kawchuk's 2018 album North. Order your copies now!

the new album from Canadian wildlife recordist, composer, and vocalist Jonathan Kawchuk. Recorded painstakingly in Dolby Atmos, it is the product of six years of direct relationship with the trees, stones, streams, grasses, grizzly bears, birds, rabbits, elk, and all other things that call the enormous, humbling mountains home. It is at once deeply unsettling and supremely calming. It is inspired by and carries the philosophies of athleticism, transcendental black metal, the unfeeling amorality of nature. Everywhen is not a record about a place. It is a record by a place. 
The mountains with which Kawchuk has collaborated on Everywhen will not exist forever. They may change in a thousand years. The climate crisis may change them much sooner. These are the stakes for Kawchuk:

“If we are so royally unfortunate as to lose them, then I want to have preserved a record of what it felt like to be a person in that place.”

1. Syrinx
2. ,look at this distractor
3. I-Thou
4. 6th
5. Ww
6. Solar Plexus
7. Talus Talus Tallis
8. colourless green sleep:
9. Death of a Poacher
10. Semper, Always
11. Athletes
12. Place So Thin
13. (OpenJaw)
14. Everywwhen

Catalogue No. PAPER140
Release Date: June 10, 2022