The Acorn

Glory Hope Mountain

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The Acorn is the on-going musical project of Rolf Klausener, Jeff Debutte, Keiko Devaux, T.Jeffrey Malecki and Howie Tsui. The project began as the solo electro-acoustic work of Rolf in late 2002. Following several limited CD-R only releases, the band released a critically heralded tribute to the Outaouais region called The Pink Ghosts in July 2004 on Ottawa’s Kelp Records. In the fall of 2005 they released the Blankets! EP, it was a more melodically focused effort showcasing the bands emerging synthesis of experimental folk and pop.

After a year of solid touring, and the addition of keyboardist Keiko Devaux, the band released the six-song Tin Fist EP in early 2007 on Toronto’s Paper Bag Records to warm reviews. The Acorn’s newest full-length recording, Glory Hope Mountain, is a sprawling, biographical album based on the life of Rolf’s mother, Gloria Esperanza Montoya. Armed with heart-drums, gut-strings, ukuleles and marimbas, The Acorn are guided by spirit voices and the rhythms of rivers.

Glory Hope Mountain was recorded in a rented house in Ottawa by recording engineer Jarrett Bartlett (of Little Bullhorn Prods). Featured on the album are members of Ohbijou, The Wooden Stars, Flecton Big Sky, Fiftymen, and many others.

Track Listing
  1. Hold Your Breath
  2. Flood Pt.1
  3. Even Wwhile You’re Sleeping
  4. Crooked Legs
  5. Glory
  6. Oh Napoleon
  7. Low Gravity
  8. Sister Margaret
  9. Antenna
  10. Plateau Ramble
  11. Flood Pt.2
  12. Lullaby (Mountain)
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