Glory Hope Mountain (10th Anniversary Edition)

Paper Bag Vintage is thrilled to announce the reissue 'Glory Hope Mountain (10th Anniversary Edition)' in Canada on May 12, 2017 and June 9, 2017 internationally. The deluxe version features a very limited run of 100 2LPs on gold vinyl, as well as a 9"x 9", 16 page booklet, featuring a new short-story narrative of the stories which inspired the album's songs, written by Rolf-Carlos Klausener, and includes real-life photos from Gloria Esperanza Montoya's personal archives. 

Released to international praise in 2007, The Acorn’s Glory Hope Mountain was inspired by the remarkable life of Gloria Esperanza Montoya, a Honduran refugee who fled to Canada in 1972. Based on months of recorded conversations with her son (The Acorn songwriter Rolf-Carlos Klausener), the album weaves her surreal stories of survival with experimental pop, Central American folk traditions, and Klausener’s evocative lyricism. The 2017 edition has been newly remastered and includes a never-released song, new mixes, and features guest performances from Casey Mecija, Michael Feuerstack, and other gems of Canada’s underground. Nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in 2008, the album is more than a modern immigration story: Glory Hope Mountain is a record of life’s unfathomable beauty, its darkest trials, and the richness and complexity of motherly love.

Track Listing:

1.Hold Your Breath
2.Flood Pt.1
3.Even While You’re Sleeping
4.Crooked Legs

6.Oh Napoleon
7.Low Gravity
8.Sister Margaret

10.Plateau Ramble
11.Flood Pt.2
12.Lullaby (Mountain)

13. Strange Ambition (Unreleased)
14. Glory (Alternate Version, 2006)
15. Antenna (Alternate Mix, 2017)
16. Lullaby (Demo, 2006)

The idea for Paper Bag Vintage grew out of a desire to showcase and preserve great Canadian albums that have yet to be pressed on vinyl or haven’t been reissued in recent years. For more than 14 years Paper Bag Records has helped to cultivate international vinyl culture by producing limited edition vinyl for all Paper Bag Records releases. This emphasis on unique and striking physical albums has been extended to the Paper Bag Vintage imprint, giving fans the opportunity to finally own these special limited edition releases.