Heart Attack

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 Woodhands is an electro-pop duo with a relentlessly energetic live-show and a total disdain for anything but balls-to-the-wall, dirty, sexy dance parties. The brainchild of Dan Werb (vocals, synths, drum machines) and Paul Banwatt (drums, vocals), Woodhands has garnered national press in Canada and was tagged as one of 5 bands to watch in 2008 by Exclaim! Magazine. Eschewing laptops or any pre-recorded samples, the Woodhands boys create the music from scratch just like old-fashioned rock bands, liberally swiping the swagger of glam and the raw energy of punk along the way. Armed with a decidedly un-ironic keytar, dirty analog synths and complex but danceable beats, Woodhands are hell-bent on connecting with their audience and getting the room bouncing. Combine that with an exuberant and nerd-infused sexiness, and it’s no wonder they’ve been dubbed “the sex bomb Tom Jones was talking about… as close to a two-headed indie Timberlake as it gets” (Exclaim!, Dec 2007).

Heart Attack is the first album from Woodhands on Paper Bag Records. There are ten songs on it – nine absolute bangers and the one requisite slow jam, for artistic cred. Songs include club anthem “I Wasn’t Made for Fighting,” electro-pop assault “Dancer,” and album closer “Sailboats,” featuring guest vocals from Paper Bag Records artist Laura Barrett.

Heart Attack is, unfortunately, sold out on the Paper Bag Records Online Shop.

Track Listing
  1. Dancer
  2. I Can’t See Straight
  3. Breaking Up
  4. In The Woods
  5. I Wasn’t Made For Fighting
  6. Under Attack
  7. Be Back Soon
  8. Monsterdinosaur
  9. Straighten The Curtain
  10. Sailboats
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