'Heart Shaped Rock'

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Devarrow is back with their fourth full length album Heart Shaped Rock. We've pressed a limited quantity of Grey Mix "Eco Wax" vinyls - made with 100% recycled vinyl wax. Pre-order your copy now for the October 4, 2024 release date. And if you don't already have the self titled 2019 album, include it with your pre-order for a discounted bundle price!

, who makes music under the alias, Devarrow, is a Canadian musician and producer celebrated for his songs reflecting on small-town joys, personal introspection, environmental and social concerns, and (on this new album) the unique love affair with his converted school bus turned music studio. Despite his seemingly bustling life in rural coastal Canada as a carpenter, surfer, and nature lover, his latest album,
Heart Shaped Rock, defies any notion of musical complacency. Opening with the lines, Every morning I just wake up and I just wash my face. Go downstairs and make some breakfast, coffee and some bacon and eggs, the record offers a refreshing take on life's simple pleasures, injecting vitality into a folk genre that can often lean towards melancholy.


1. Lightning Bolt
2. Likewise
3. Heart Shaped Rock
4. Together Again
5. Holy Ghost
6. Pictures
7. Half Of You
8. Bus Baby
9. Falling Into Pieces
10. Help Me
11. All The Little Things
12. Talking Shit
13. Come Again

Catalogue No. PAPER154
Release Date: October 4, 2024