Cuff The Duke

In Our Time Part II

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Cuff The Duke excited to release the second part of their covers series.  In Our Time Part II includes Cuff The Duke's take on songs by The Bee Gees, Fred Squire, The Byrds, David Bowie, The Buzzcocks and Gene MacLellan.


1. You Sing Low and We Will Sing High (Fred Squire Cover) 

2. I've Gotta Get A Message To You (The Bee Gees Cover) 

3. Star (David Bowie Cover) 

4. What Do I Get (The Buzzcocks Cover) 

5. Nashville West (The Byrds Cover) 

6. Face In The Mirror (Gene MacLellan Cover) 

Why the band picked the covers - Written by Wayne Petti:

You Sing Low and We Will Sing High

"You Sing Low and We Will Sing High" is a song written by our friend Fred Squire. Fred is a guy we've known since back in the day when we started out in our home town of Oshawa. His music is something we've always been into. I think it's safe to say that we think he's on of the best song writers in Canada. His records are in regular rotation when we're on the road. When his name was brought up in the discussion of what songs to cover we were all on board. 

I've Gotta Get A Message To You

A few years ago I picked up the Bee Gee's first few albums. Admittedly, they were a band I had sort of written off but their early records were amazing 60's pysch-pop albums. I got really into them for awhile as did the other guys. We went back and forth trying to decide what song of theirs we were going to record and eventually decided on this one. It's about a guy on death row (because he murdered his wife's lover) and he's pleading to try and get a message to his wife before he's executed. Not your typical Bee Gee's song subject matter.


Our record label, Paper Bag Records, celebrated it's 10 year anniversary this past fall and every band on the label chose a song off of David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Star Dust and recorded it for a compilation that would be released. We chose the song Star. You really can't go wrong with a single song from that record. We were really happy with how our version turned out so we decided to include it on our covers EP as well.

What Do I Get

Growing up in Oshawa, Paul and I were really into 70's punk rock. When he suggested doing a Buzzcocks song we thought it would be a great idea. We tried it a few different ways, trying to reinvent it but ultimately we decided to do a fairly straight up version and I think that was the best way, for us, to record this song.

Nashville West

It's no secret that we are definitely influenced by The Byrds so it made sense to cover one of their songs. We decided not to cover one of their early hits but instead to cover something a little different. We had all been listening to a lot of the "Clarence White" era Byrds records and Francois had been really getting into his style of guitar playing. There were a few sound checks where we played “Nashville West” and thought it would be a great choice. Clarence White isn't one of the most well known guitar players but he certainly is one of the best ever. His style of playing totally defines that era of the Byrds and that's something that has really been influencing us of late.

Face In The Mirror

A song written by Gene MacLellan. He was a Canadian song writer for P.E.I., best known for the song "Snowbird," he wrote for Anne Murray and for the song "Put Your Hand In The Hand" which was covered by Elvis Presley as well as the band Ocean who had a hit with it in the U.S. That song has gone on to become a Gospel standard. A couple of years ago while we were on an Eastern Canadian tour I found his first album on vinyl at a used record store. I bought it because it had his version of "Snowbird" on it, which I had never heard before. When I played the record the first song was "Face In The Mirror" and it just blew me away. Such a raw and honest song about an alcoholic, quite sad.