'Run Wild'

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Run Wild is POSTDATA's upcoming fourth album! After selling out of our exclusive limited edition "Sandstone" coloured vinyl, we have a new run of beautiful "Plum" coloured LPs. Pre-order yours now for its September 22 release!

Run Wild brings vibrations of self-discovery and growth. Paul Murphy explains that a lot of the songs ended up being about trusting yourself and coming into your own, two processes that often go hand and hand. "At its best, songwriting is a place where you can feel yourself transitioning to new heights and lows." he says. With this collection of 10 songs, Murphy has crystallized the elements he's played with for decades: pop melodics and structure, progressive and indie rock arrangements, avant-folk, intimacy and quirk. Murphy plays the mad alchemist, precisely combining these pieces to create a record that feels like a thick, sprawling, sun-soaked magic garden, where listeners can sprint and jump and scream and laugh, and feel whatever it is they need to feel. 

To bring Run Wild to life, Murphy and co-producer Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, The Strokes, Morrissey) met at Tragically Hip's renowned Bathouse studio in Ontario, Canada for a five-day stretch of 15 hour work days. Murphy initially planned to work on a record of heavier material, but Chiccarelli listened to a batch of 40 demos and narrowed it down to a well curated, diverse grouping, encouraging Murphy to take the album to more provocative and innovative new places. Drummer Jordan Murphy and bassist Keith Doiron (Walrus) tracked the record with them, then Murphy recorded all the vocals from his home in Halifax. Nyles Spencer (The Tragically Hip, Kevin Drew, July Talk) engineered the record, and Matty Green (U2, Dua Lipa) mixed it. 


1. Mine The Sea
2. Run Wild
3. Look To The Stars
4. Holy Hollow
5. Dead Man
6. Circular Ruins
7. Moons
8. Twigs Underfoot
9. Try
10. Raven

Catalogue No. PAPER148
Release Date: September 22, 2023