Royal Canoe


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We have new limited edition vinyls for Royal Canoe's Sidelining! After selling out of the Red and Multicolour Splatter LPs, we re-pressed this album on a cool new "Green Splatter on Cream" vinyl! 

Royal Canoe's new album, Sidelining, is available now!

Royal Canoe would never be characterized as having taken the simple, prescribed path over the past decade. This almost stubborn fascination with finding “the long way around” has resulted in a rich catalog of albums, EPs, videos and experimental live-shows that are as adventurous in their process as t100dios there was one rule: no song-nuggets or lyrical ideas from before. No demos you came up with last week that you brought to the band. Everything would be built and completed that day. Less second-guessing, more music making.

“We booked studio time, set up and mic’d all of our gear and then just pressed record and tried to let things happen,” says singer Matt Peters. “This is pretty much the complete opposite approach to how we made our previous three albums, where everything was very planned ahead of time. I think at first it felt like this arbitrary test of limitations that might go disastrously, but then we learned to trust ourselves, and follow the ideas as they came, whether it was a drum part, or a chord progression, or a recorder solo. It was really refreshing to capture these ideas in real-time as we were discovering them, and watch these songs start to materialize.”

The result is an album that, at times, aches with the undeniable tensions of the past year. But above all, the songs are an attempt at being raw and honest communicators. They throw up a mirror to challenge old ways. They are cries to tear down the familiar and build it back better.


1. Sidelining
2. Butterfalls
3. Surrender
4. Get It
5. Scratching Static (feat NNAMDÏ)
6. Remmin'
7. Summer Stay
8. Feels Good
9. HAL
10. Alexandria (feat. Begonia)

Catalogue No: PAPER137 
Release date: July 9th, 2021