'The best that I can be.'

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Welcome Sunnsetter! The most recent addition to the PBR family. The best that I can be. is their new album and debut with Paper Bag Records. We have pressed an exclusive batch of 100 records on limited edition lavender vinyl . Grab a copy before they're gone!

As a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and mixing engineer, Andrew McLeod has been releasing music since 2014, under the name Sunnsetter. Based in rural Norfolk County, Ontario, they've always been a DIY artist, single handedly fusing together every element of their music. And while the creation is entirely them, the music itself draws from various genres; ambient, singer-songwriter, shoegaze, post-rock, slowcore and moves nimbly between them. You may be already familiar with their work as they are a contributor to two-time Polaris nominated and shortlisted Zoon , headed by Daniel Monkman, and OMBIIGIZI, a collaboration between Monkman and Adam Sturgeon of Status/Non-Status.  

The best that I can be. was written over the course of three years - some of the most complicated but rewarding personally for McLeod. Not only did they grieve the loss of a close friend and bandmate, but they were dealing with sobriety, their mental health, and concepts around gender identity and queerness. More chaos courtesy of a pandemic added to the mix, but McLeod came out the other side having learned how to love and be loved by the people around them. "Going on five years sober, this experience has been one that has shaped me like no other has" they say. 


1. Memories (Come and Go Light)
2. Float in Circles
3. In the Ocean
4. Always Talk, Never Speak
5. Surely Everything's Alright
6. The Whole World that Turns Around Itself
7. Today Feels So New
8. At the End of the Day
9. I Hear a Voice
10. Can't Forget

Catalogue No. PAPER151
Release Date: March 31, 2023