Mappe Of

The Isle of Ailynn

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The sophomore album from Mappe Of, The Isle of Ailynn is out now. There are 100 limited edition signed gold vinyl albums available while supplies last.

How do our environments influence who we are? The Isle of Ailynn (eye-lin) is a record built on fictional landscapes full of strange flora and fauna, mysterious phenomena and mythological beings. Yet, the stories that take place within these landscapes are the connective tissue that link fantasy to reality. A cartographer’s journey discovering new lands, a militant missionary questioning his faith before godlike creatures, a rebellious daughter’s dissent against her royal father in the capital. These stories are a select few of those that make up the mythology beneath The Isle of Ailynn, the sophomore album by Mappe Of.


1. Estuary
2. Ailynn
3. Kintail
4. Thessalon
5. Unkno
6. Volcae
7. Icovellavna
8. Estuary II
9. Faesulae

Catalogue No: PAPER127
Release Date: November 1, 2019