The Method of Modern Love (20th Anniversary Edition)

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"One of the most melodically seductive and exhilarating records of recent times," - (4 ½ stars) UNCUT

We are proud to announce our Paper Bag Vintage pressing of The Russian Futurists' 2000 breakthrough album The Method of Modern Love on limited-edition, "gold nugget" vinyl. The first ever vinyl pressing of this album, we have just 200 copies available.

Brief, exhilarating songs about love... of course; Pop is founded on such foundations, but in Matthew Adam Hart’s gifted hands our wonder and gleeful idiocy is laid out in rare, brilliant detail. Critics and the public alike have recognized in Hart one of the most impressive compositional minds. A talent simultaneously modest but mighty, plainspoken but rigorously intelligent, creating miniature electronic epics that cost a shoestring but sound as if they were spun from gold.

Born and bred in the cold and lonely Ontario, border-town of Cornwall, and raised on hockey [“...loving the Leafs is like being in love with a terrible woman”] Matt found comfort in the simplicity of AM Radio. Hart constructs his songs under the ongoing influence of Phil Spector, Brian Wilson “He showed me that Pop was able to be listenable and experimental at the same time”, Fleetwood Mac “They taught me how to be dramatic, plus I just love their music” Honesty shines through in all of The Russian Futurists’ songs – all the more remarkable for them having been recorded in Matthew Hart’s bedroom. Hart cheekily describes his sound as a result of “trying to make all of my songs huge, ambitious productions on very limiting and awful equipment.”

The Russian Futurists have four internationally acclaimed releases, plus Me, Myself and Rye the amalgam of The Futurists’ hottest songs assembled from their first three albums, digitally re-mastered. In 2019 Hart released Reality Burger With A Side Of Life an EP with exuberant hooks atop a patchwork of soul, R&B, and pop. When The Russian Futurists’ internationally acclaimed debut, The Method of Modern Love, was released in 2000, bold, unabashed confessions of romance and vulnerability were rare commodities in pop. The Method of Modern Love won fans in R.E.M's Peter Buck, former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, and skater/filmmaker Jason Lee.

Track Listing:

1. Your Big Brown Eyes And My Big Broke Heart
2. The Science Of The Seasons
3. Red Red Wine
4. Pine Prisonyard
5. C'mon
6. A Mind's Dying Verse (The Solitary Stone)
7. Karkarodon Karkarius
8. The Hall Of Fame Of Things I Despise
9. A Song For Sports
10. A Mind's Dying Verse (You And The Wine)