The Rural Alberta Advantage

'The Rise' EP

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 The Rise EP from The Rural Alberta Advantage sees the arrival of the first collection of new music since 2017’s album The Wild, and the return of core member Amy Cole. It’s the beginning of a new era for the Toronto trio. The Rise is the first of three pieces in a year-long puzzle, which will be constructed over three separate releases.  

 On its own, The Rise tells its own six-track story through Paul Banwatt’s thundering drums, Amy Cole’s hammered keys and crystalline harmonies, and Nils Edenloff’s furious acoustics and soaring, wheaty tenor. At times, it’s literal and visceral, like the blowing dust of “Lifetime,” or the hardy, galloping roadtrip post-mortem of “3 Sisters,” or the slow, naked march of “Late September Snow.” At others it’s hallucinatory and surreal, like the vivid, crashing dreamscape of “10Ft Tall.”

The past two years have upended all that we thought to be concrete. The Rise, like this period, is a complication of what we assume to be familiar and true and unchanging. It’s the start of something new. 

2. 3 Sisters
3. Lifetime
4. 10ft Tall
5. AB Bride
6. Late September Snow

Release Date: March 31, 2022