Royal Canoe

Waver (Pre Order)

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Paper Bag Records is excited to announce Royal Canoe's third studio album, Waver, due out on January 25th, 2019! Pre order Waver now on limited edition, hand numbered gold vinyl! Only 100 hand numbered copies available!

On Waver, their newest collection of songs, Royal Canoe are steering into new terrain. The sun-flared polaroid life of previous albums is exchanged for a miraged-out, ominous landscape. The band still has their kaleidoscopic, beat-driven heart, but these songs play with the absurdity of modern life. When truth is optional, when the most volatile people have the most power, when reality becomes irrational - what do you anchor to?

Creating the album felt like a reset - an exercise in following the seed of inspiration to its end point before deconstructing and rebuilding. “Whenever we begin working on a new album we throw everything out, even if it worked last time, just so we have no chance to rest on our laurels,” says singer Matt Peters, “On Waver we set out to create leaner arrangements and clearer melodies - less between us and the listener.” They wanted to mine new corners of their sound and find new places to go.


Track listing:

What's Left in the River
Black Sea
May 17
Ashes, Ashes (feat. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya)
Girl of My Dreams
Peep This
Spin Cycle