Bleached Wavves

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JUST ANNOUNCED: We are pleased to announce that we are repressing Zoon's widely acclaimed, Polaris Prize short listed 2020 release Bleached Wavves! Having sold out in December, Bleached Wavves is due for a repress, this time on limited edition oceania vinyl! This exciting new 300 copy repress is currently still in production; pre-order yours now so you don't miss out!


The debut album from Zoon, Bleached Wavves, is out now on limited edition, apple red vinyl.

The name Zoon derives from the Ojibway word Zoongide’ewin  which means “bravery, courage, the Bear Spirit” and aptly describes the inspirations for the project and the lovingly crafted first full-length recording from aboriginal songwriter Daniel Monkman. Musically rooted in guitar driven ambient alt rock territory, Bleached Wavves is the first true document of what has been dubbed “moccasin-gaze,” a tongue-in-cheek nickname for the amalgamation of his shoegaze influences with traditional First Nations music. Like My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’, a record that changed everything for him, Zoon pushes forward that famously quixotic, effects-laden sound with a distinctive, new approach.


1. Clouded Formation
2. Vibrant Colours
3. Was & Always Will Be
4. Bleached Wavves
5. BrokenHead
6. A Perfect Sunset, Ahead
7. Light Prism
8. Infinite Horizons (feat. Jesse Davidson)
9. Landscapes
10. Help Me Understand

 Catalogue No: PAPER128
Release Date: June 19, 2020