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'EXERCISES' on LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM Vinyl (CD Included w/ printed dust sleeve) AVAILABLE NOW!

For his EP 'Exercises', released April 24th, 2012 on Paper Bag Records, Montreal's CFCF shows a different side of his palette with a series of subdued piano and synth based pieces. Pulling from influences like Philip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Borden, among others, and using institutional architecture and 70s Canadiana as a framework, the EP has a distinctly 20th century feel.

 Opener "1 (Entry)" lures us in with a melancholy bed of synths, while standout "3 (Building)"'s rolling piano melodies build to a cathartic crescendo. The lone vocal piece, "5 (September)", is a cover of the opener to David Sylvian's 'Secrets of the Beehive' album, refitted with 2-step percussion and wintry pads. This is a change of pace for CFCF to be sure, but no less cinematic and evocative than his 2009 debut 'Continent', though where that record evoked long stretches of neon road and epic rainforests, 'Exercises' is all snowy walkways and long corridors, endless escalators ascending to desolate concrete plateaus. Each track feels like an exploration of lost memories, studies in nostalgia, exercises in spatial remembrance.

'Exercises' is available on LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM Vinyl (CD Included) and digitally.


1. Exercise #1 (Entry)

2. Exercise #2 (School)

3. Exercise #3 (Building)

4. Exercise #4 (Spirit)

5. Exercise #5 (September)

6. Exercise #6 (December)

7. Exercise #7 (Loss)

8. Exercise #8 (Change)