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The 2013 release of Outside, has been out of stock for 7 years and is back with the limited edition double LP on blue and green splatter vinyl for a limited time only. Grab one now while quantities last! 

-based producer Mike Silver, aka CFCF, has announced the release of Outside, his first full LP since 2009's beat driven Continent, which is set for release October 22nd on Paper Bag Records.  Silver has spent the last year on a pair of EPs that explored the patterns and emotions that can be drawn from layered repetition, most recently, his Music For Objects EP. Though some of the hypnotic elements that populated those EPs and, to an extent, Continent are still present, Outside feels more like a culmination of the ideas Silver was exploring. Much of the tracks were written while he was traveling on buses and trains, usually between Montreal, where he recently appeared at the renowned Montreal Jazz FestivalNew York or Toronto, and the music reflects the yearning for stability that comes from constant movement, as well as the fascination with the inherent beauty of new environments.
Over the course of the album, Silver experiments with the idea of beauty. Whether it's the beauty of the natural world-lush forests, daunting mountain ranges-or the man-made shadows and angles of architecture; a parking lot's endless sprawl. Though he's looking outward, Outside is still a personal album, drawing on loneliness and the distinct smallness that comes from being part of the world, while still acknowledging the beauty inherent in existing in it. In the hands of a less defined artist, there'd likely be a disconnect between the external and internal elements of emotion, but Silver excels at making songs that situate him in particular environments, exploring how they effect his emotional state through the contrast of natural and synthetic elements. This album also includes a cover of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's 'Strange Form of Life', which he's reworked into a lush moment of visceral, heartbreaking  sadness. 


1.Beyond Light
2. Jump Out Of The Train
3. Strange Form Of Life
4. Find
5. The Breath
6. Feeling Holding
7. The Forest At Night
8. Transcend
9. The Crossing
10. Walking In The Dust 

Release Date
October 22, 2013

Catalogue Number