Gang Of Losers

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Paper Bag Vintage is excited to announce the reissue of Gang Of Losers, the third full-length album from Montreal rock band The Dears. This remastered 2LP release is limited to 750 copies worldwide.

Gang of Losers is a classic Dears album in terms of its complex musical and thematic range, veering from instant pop hits to oppressive ballads to lullaby show tunes. But what’s most remarkable about Gang of Losers is that within the complicated lyrical and musical scheme, Murray Lightburn’s humour and humanity shine through the heavy-handed themes. In the end, forgiveness, of the self and the other, wins. “I need this song,” Lightburn wails in “Find Our Way to Freedom,” relenting, as he exchanges hate for love and mercy. And we need these songs, this album, too: if only to counter the world’s indifference, and soothe the inner loser that thrives on all our worst fears. - Ibi Kaslik



A1: Sinthro

A2: Ticket To Immortality

A3: Death or Life We Want You

A4: Hate Then Love

B1: There Goes My Outfit

B2: Bandwagoneers

B3: Fear Made The World Go 'Round



C1: You And I (Are a Gang of Losers)

C2: Whites Only Party

C3: Ballad of Humankindness

D1: I Fell Deep

D2: Find Our Way to Freedom